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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Since 1886

McLin Hardware Company Sign, Astoria, Oregon - Since 1886 I absolutely love the way this 2nd-storey wall looks near the corner of Duane Avenue and 13th Street. How did it retain the lines? It looks like someone planned it, but it's simply an old, old wall. It says McLin Hardware Co. Inc. Since 1886. Sometime I'll try to decipher the whole wall. I also wonder what the name was of the hotel. Like art in a museum, it invites the imagination to put the pieces together - or maybe it tugs at the historian in all of us. It certainly showcases the signpainter's art of a bygone era.


haideé said...

Para los arqueólogos del futuro muchas de nuestras costumbres resultarán incomprensibles ¿no te parece?
Como poco a poco, como un poso vamos llenando los vacíos, tanto en las paredes como en nuestra imaginación. Espero que tu investigación sea fructífera y la compartas con todos nosotros.
Pensé que no querías saber nada con una Asturiana de España :)
Te enlazo, es bueno que el mundo se haga más cercano... Eres bienvenida. Me alegra que hayas disfrutado.
Un cordial saludo

For archaeologists of the future many of our habits prove incomprehensible is not it?
As little by little, as a sediment filling the gaps we both on the walls and in our imagination. I hope your research will be fruitful and share it with us all.
I did not want to know anything with a Asturias of Spain:)
You link, is good that the world becomes more close ... You're welcome. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

emily michelle said...

That's really cool-looking!

Lowell said...

Old buildings with writing on the wall are intriguing and mysterious. There's got to be a lot of history here, if it could be dug up.

Nice interesting shot, Sheryl!

cieldequimper said...

From the thumbnail I tought this was the Berlin wall! I like it as it is though, it's always great to find old names or ads on walls.

VP said...

I like this kind of discoveries, even if sometimes it's difficult to trace the meaning or the business described.

Stine in Ontario said...

It's great you can still read it as it looks like it will soon fade away. Being on a second storey wall it has escaped graffiti. ;-)

Don and Krise said...

We have a small amount of this here in Olympia, quite a bit more up in Tacoma. I've photographed some of that. I love the old faded signage. You are so good at researching things, I have no doubt you'll dig up the answers.

Nice shot!

Lee Spangler said...

Neat post Tapirgal, Sign painting like that is almost a dead art. My dad did signs like that and had to use good paint to keep it from fading. Black is more resilient than red or white.

Eric Swedberg said...

That sign also advertises the old Norblad hotel, owned by the former state senator Norblad. It became the Jathco hotel in the early 1970s, and closed in 1977, I think.
I'm not sure which of the lower spaces housed the hardware store, but the most easterly on Duane was a bank (later the Oregon Employment ofice, then the "Cobweb" record store/head shop, "Wild Hair" hair salon, and then the food co-op.
In the 1960s the next space over was Poole's music, later Thiel's music, the next space was Opdyke's gift shop, I forget what the last space was, and the adjoining lot was the used car dealer.

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