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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Astoria's one sandy beach

This minute stretch of sand is Astoria's only actual beach. Most of the river front is taken up with buildings and piers or else it consists of piled rocks, and is treacherous and uninviting. But speaking of that, I'm not sure how much swimming actually takes place here. I've seen kids playing in the sand, and I think it's a good thing that the pilings would keep a person from drifting down-river if they did venture into the river. The water is cold, and as Lee says, the Columbia is "drowning water." It may look charming and calm, but the currents are swift and hypotermia sets in quickly. People who fall from boats often die before they can be rescued, even with life jackets and even with the presence of the Coast Guard nearby. The posts to the right originally held a building of some kind, and I wonder if this was built as a boat slip. I have not done the research yet. I took this photo on April 5th. The grass is still mostly brown, and logs have washed onto the beach from winter storms. I like this photo a lot. I love looking at the water, and you can't keep me out of the sea at a tropical snorkeling beach, but here in Astoria, I'm going to leave the river to the fish, the ships, and the shore birds.

Where is the best place to swim in your town?


Small City Scenes said...

That is a neat shot.

No place to swim here either. Even at the State parks the water isn't very inviting and when the tide is out it often is just a tidal flat. I think the best beaches are on the Ocean or maybe a lake. Lots of lakes around here but the saltwater beaches are fun to find seacreatures and just enjoy looking at. MB

Lowell said...

Looks a bit scary. I've always bee leery of swimming in rivers, but this is a definite no-no!

It's a great shot, though, with the light leaking through! Looks inviting.

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