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Monday, May 11, 2009

First Sunday Market of the year

People turned out in droves for the much-anticipated first Sunday Market of the year. I wish the colors of the day had been brighter, but let's face it, this is coastal Oregon, and we're lucky it was dry. Tomorrow the rain starts again, and it's supposed to rain for at least the next four days. The market has been growing, and it was nice to see it so alive and filled with vendors, buyers, and browsers.

Three blocks of 12th Street are closed to vehicles, and the town turns out to see friends, buy produce, and explore hand-made goods from jewelry to paintings to quilts. The vendors don't have to be local, and some drive quite a distance to take part. They do have to commit to being here every Sunday from 9 a.m. until 3 p.m. from opening week until around Labor Day. Everything must be hand made or home grown by the sellers. This insures a personal quality that keeps the event fresh, friendly, and full of integrity. There's always live music, food stands, and tables with umbrellas and chairs in the adjacent Wells Fargo Bank parking lot. The market begins one short block from the river. A couple of blocks inland, the booths spill over into the currently-vacant former Safeway parking lot.

Today I purchased fresh rhubarb (to eat) and arnica lotion, an amazing product for the relief of aching muscles that I wouldn't be without after finding it at the Sunday Market a few years ago. Everyone who tries it loves it! It was a wonderful opening day, and a good time was had by all. If you're in the vicinity and looking for something to do on Sunday, do come on over!

Is there a weekly market in your town? I'd like to know!


Lynette said...

Nice to see the weekly market has returned because that means everyone's hope for extended sun breaks, even entire sunny days, has been fulfilled!

Jacob said...

What a wonderful event. We do have a weekly market but it's about 20 miles away and we haven't been there yet, but plan to do so. We need more of these!

Sorry about the rain; but we're dry as a bone and last I heard there were 27 fires burning in Central Florida!

You could send a little of your rain our way!

Thanks much for stopping by Cedar Key DP! Appreciate and appreciate your comments!

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