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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The emerald road

This lovely forest road is actually right in town. It winds its way to the top of Coxcomb hill, and makes a nice walk - not too long, but very beautiful and relaxing. I took the photo on May 4, 2005, before some of the trees blew down in the great storm of December 2, 2007. It's still very green, but a little thinner on the right side, especially as you climb the hill. One of the first things I noticed about Oregon when I moved here in 2001 after living in Southern California and Western Colorado was how green it is! I loved it, and I still do. In the spring you can see more colors of green than I've ever seen anywhere. I've never been to Ireland or much of the UK, so I can't compare, but northwestern Oregon is a veritable artist's palette of greens.

1 comment:

Bubblewench said...

That is the exact thing I love about Oregon, it's so green. No where else I have been (not much really) has been.

My father says it reminds him of Ireland.

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