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Friday, May 29, 2009

Fun things to do with chain link fencing

I took this photo yesterday morning. Our neighbors, the River Pilots, were repairing the mesh on their building while the tide was near its low point. This is a perfect use for a flat-bottomed boat, though I don't see them around very often. It turned out that their timing was impeccable, because the very next morning, the scene had changed. Click here to see what was looking for a place to rest and/or disturbe the peace! (The first photo is the same as the one above. Just scroll down and you'll see what I mean.) The radio tower on the right is attached to our leased building by a catwalk and some wiring. They still broadcast from the tower, although the station itself is no longer housed here on Marine Drive.

1 comment:

Jacob said...

Your area is just so very beautiful! And it is certainly a good thing those folks weren't sitting in their flat-bottomed boat when that log came calling!

They might have logged out!

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