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Monday, August 9, 2010

Where the Views Are

Bench on the River Walk, Astoria, Oregon March 12, 2010

In Astoria, there are so many terrific views that nobody counts them. This resting and viewing bench is on the River Walk in front of the Wet Dog Cafe between 11th and 12th Streets. The building on the pier contains a number of shops and businesses. Downstairs is the well-known Baked Alaska Restaurant and Lounge along with a kitchen store and more. Upstairs are dentist's offices, hair dressers, lawyers (I think).

Although I took this on March 12th, the view is almost identical today, with low clouds and light fog on the river. One difference is that you'd see water on the sidewalk this morning. The summer of 2010 may come to be called, "The Summer that Never Was," although when the sun does come out it's beautiful and the air temperature delightful - unless you're one of those creatures who likes hot sun to bask in like a lizard. (Jacob, you're right. It doesn't get very cold in the winter. We get a few days of snow per year, if that. The rest of the time you can tell the season only because of the ceaseless rain.)

Next to the bench is a light post so the walk can be used at night, and one of the several interpretive signs along the river. I don't recall whether this sign is about the fishing industry, history, boats, ships, or wildlife. There are some of each.

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Anonymous said...

Astoria's waterfront used to be very interesting and fascinating before someone came up with the cockamaimie idea to turn it into a tourist attraction. Before Baked Alaska showed up to shove out overpriced slop to tourists, hairdresser's and candy slingers, that building housed Oregon Marine Supply. Real working waterfront stuff complete with real men coming and going getting the equipment and gear they needed to work in the industry that fueled this town before it all went to hell

cieldequimper said...

Nice. Makes you have to keep your back straight which we don't really do anymore.

VP said...

I agree with ciel: bench without back are just for a very short stop, then I got tired. Lovely place with a very nice view.

Jacob said...

I think the bench would make a nice place to sit and have lunch with a friend. After lunch you need to get up and walk around anyway so there's no need for a backed bench. Of course, it is a beautiful view, and it might be tempting to stay there awhile. I'd probably forget, lean back and fall on my posterior!

I like the idea of not so cold, but I don't like too much rain. It's too hard to play golf in the rain!

Francisca said...

Another "me too" post from me. Without a back, I'd not be tempted to sit there and just contemplate the view. Anonymous makes a valid point about a place transformed to meet tourist needs... it does lose some of the authenticity. I would guess, however, that some locals do benefit from the new establishments in the building.

B SQUARED said...

With weather like that, the mushroom business must be booming.

Halcyon said...

I like the curve of that bench. I bet it's comfy to sit on.

And who can beat that view!

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