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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Fishing in the Rain

Great Blue Heron At least someone here seems to like our summer weather.

Great Blue Heron, Astoria, Oregon This great blue heron is gray on gray today partly because of the weather, and partly because my vantage point was through a spattered window. I did not go outside because the birds here don't like being stalked. Go figure.

Great Blue Heron, Astoria, Oregon The tide was nearly out, which made for good hunting and fishing grounds this morning. Great blue herons inhabit the western part of Oregon and the Columbia River's full lengh along the northern part of the state year round.

I talk about the weather here so much that I've added a weather bug to the sidebar.

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Francisca said...

What a neat series... I get a big kick out of the reflection of the bird in the second photo. Pity you're having such an awful summer... 54F and rain is not so nice for August!

Lowell said...

We're going to have weather whether we like it or not. It's nice you have a vantage point to take pics of these birds without being harassed by nasty weather.

Re your drawing: I would love to see it!!!

B SQUARED said...

Hot and dry in Northern Michigan this summer.

Halcyon said...

These are some of my favorite birds. You've captured them quite nicely. As you mentioned, they don't like being stalked - so I always have trouble catching them!

Anonymous said...

those things sure made a comeback here after the ban on DDT was put in place...I remember when seeing just one of them was a big deal-and whenever one got tangled up in the power lines and died people got depressed because it would hang there for months decomposing until it finally fell. Now they're everywhere-not unusual to count 20 or more on the flats when crossing the bay bridge at low water

Unknown said...

Top shot: great timing!

Bettey said...

Awesome!!! I have a hard time getting good photos of birds. They are so elusive to me!

Have a wonderful weekend!

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