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Monday, August 30, 2010

Coastal Produce

August 13, 2010

A number of gas stations (I can no longer call them "service" stations) along Marine Drive either sit empty these days or are being used short-term or long-term for other businesses. I've enjoyed stopping at Coastal Produce to pick up fresh fruit and vegetables. The gas station buildings are unused for the original purpose because we now have big companies, notably Safeway and Fred Meyer, selling gas on either end of town and because the tanks in these smaller, older gas stations have become leaky and nobody wants the expense of fixing and cleaning them up.

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cieldequimper said...

Same here, a lot of older petrol stations have become shops, bakeries... Veg with fresh crab, yummy, and then fruit for dessert. Doesn't get any healthier!

Clytie said...

Actually I kind of like the idea that these buildingx are being used for other purposes - especially when i see them selling wonderful things like fresh produce!

paul said...

Good point about "service" stations - seems to be a universal experience. Nice shot, and I like the kind of shop with covered forecourt, we have a similar fruit and vege shop in our area.

B SQUARED said...

Remember the old threat, "Well, if you drop out of school you can always pump gas." No more!

Francisca said...

I smiled at the comment about gas vs service stations... but Paul is not correct. We still have service with a smile here at our gas stations!

[Sheryl, I don't know how healthy one can be with nine months of hard winter and few veg/fruits... judging from the general state of people's skins, I think it could be healthier in Mongolia. But the air is pristine.]

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