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Thursday, August 19, 2010

More Regatta Photos: This Time from Stephanie

Regatta Parade 2010, Astoria, Oregon Thanks to Stephanie Roley for all of the photos on today's post. She was also at the end of the parade at the corner of Commercial and 15th Streets, but she braved the heat and moved around more than I did. She also started earlier. This year, the Port of Astoria is 100 years old. There's always a Regatta Queen, and this is her float.

Regatta Parade 2010, Astoria, Oregon This photo is for Francisca. I took one also, but I didn't get a good shot, so I'm glad to have Stephanie's photo.

Regatta Parade 2010, Astoria, Oregon The ladybug in a tutu has had enough. I saw him from the back, so I was able to get the correct identificastion.

Regatta Parade 2010, Astoria, Oregon This looks familiar: A trolley and a lighthouse.

Regatta Parade 2010, Astoria, Oregon How to cool off while maintaining decorum, because . . .

Regatta Parade 2010, Astoria, Oregon. . . it's not over yet! By the way, although I don't know what the construction is about directly behind these ladies, the festivities behind the construction are the tail end of the parade, which starts on Duane, wraps around one block near the post office, and snakes back to the starting point along Commercial. Fort George Brewery, located behind the yellow tent, puts on an open-air event to go along with many of the local events.

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JM said...

The lady bug in a tutu is a winner! LOL!

Francisca said...

That's one very blue sky you have there, Sheryl! No raining on this fun parade! Thanks for the honorable mention - I'll have to share that with my Pinoy friends!

Clytie said...

Love the lady bug in a tutu! What a fun time it looks like everyone had.

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