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Monday, August 16, 2010

Fall Colors in August

Fall Leaves in August, Astoria, Oregon August 15, 2010

I couldn't help noticing these beautiful red leaves while avoiding the hot sun at yesterday's parade.

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Francisca said...

Good grief, mid-August, the summer that wasn't, indeed! The red leaves are pretty, but if I were you, I'd not want to see them quite yet!

PAM said...

It is unsuual to see Autumn coulors in summer, but sometimes, if trees have some problem, maybe drought, or some stress, some leaves start to die, and as they do they turn Autumn coulors, because that's the same coulor when leaves die. Also I know In north america, the Autumn starts in September, so maybe some trees are advacing their foliage coulor, as the middle of August the days start to shorten and that's the ain sign that trees get and start prepparing for hybernation./ wich menas loosing their leaves.
Adam from Catalunya.

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