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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Theme Day: Statues

Arrival of Lewis and Clark by Stan Wanlass, Fort Clatsop, Oregon The first of each month is Theme Day at City Daily Photo, and the theme for May is "Statues." As opposed to sculptures, statues are defined as three-dimensional, somewhat realistic, representational of humans or animals, and usually about life-size. Astoria proper has only one that I can think of, the Doughboy Monument, which I've already posted here on the Astoria Daily Photo blog, and in more detail on my personal blog.

Wracking my brain for Theme Day, I came up with two more statues just outside of Astoria at Fort Clatsop. The first is Arrival (above) depicting Meriwether Lewis, William Clark, a Clatsop Indian, and the dog, Seaman. It's by Stan Wanlass and is found inside the visitors' center at the fort. The second is Sacagawea and her child by Jim Demetro, placed fittingly in the forest between the Fort Clatsop visitors' center and the reconstructed fort. The link shows the statue at Netul Landing, not far away. I don't know whether it was moved there since I took this photo in 2009, or if it was moved back here since the web page was built.

There is another human representation, The Whispering Giant, that I've already included in this blog, but I'd call it more of a sculpture than a statue, as it's only the head and it's quite large.

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VP said...

You was more correct than me, in effect I posted a statue and a bust, while a statue has to be full bodied.
Both yours are excellent, I like more the second one, just for the setting.

B SQUARED said...

No statues of Lewis and Clark? At least Sacagawea is represented.

Clytie said...

Isn't Sacagawea the statue that got stolen some years back? They found it in Redmond as I recall ... at a scrapyard where a metal thief was trying to turn it in? Hmmmm I could be wrong. Maybe that was a different statue.

Great statues. I love the dog in the first one!

cieldequimper said...

As you can imagine, I love both of these.

Julie said...

very nice images for theme day

GreensboroDailyPhoto said...

Was totally expecting a tapir! Does astoria have a tapir statue? Maybe you could change that!!! LOL.

Love, Love, the serene surroundings of your statue. What a great setting!


Lee Spangler said...

idealizations of characters. actually no one really knows what sacagawea looked like and so much myth has been created about her life.

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