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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Kathryn George, Congratulations on Your Moo-sical Cow!

Kathryn George's Moo-sical Cow at Safeway April 24, 2010

I was walking through Safeway buying groceries and minding my own business, when I encountered this rare and wonderful sight. I took some photos, of course, but I didn't know much about it. When I finally got around to posting this beautifully-painted cow, I looked it up online and realized just how special it was. Cow-painter Kathryn George is one of only 20 students in the entire U.S. who was a finalist in the Lucerne Art of the Dairy cow-painting contest. Congratulations, Kathryn! Your cow is beautiful and you are talented. I love blue. I'm glad I got a chance to see this!

Kathryn George's Moo-sical Cow at Safeway Kathryn attends Knappa High School. For those who don't know the area, Knappa is just a few twists and turns up the road east of Astoria.

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B SQUARED said...

I love MOOtown. Marvin Gaye was always my favorite. A shame what has happened to Detroit.

Naturedigital said...

Congratulations to Cathy from me also Sheryl.
And to you for your beautiful photographs.

Jacob said...

Kathyrn is very talented! This cow would go nicely with Ocala's horses. I think it's udderly delightful!

Clytie said...

What an awesome piece of art! Very mooooving! Sorry, couldn't resist.

Congratulations Kathryn!

cieldequimper said...

I hope it gets out to a place it can be admired by everyone. It's great!

Anonymous said...

Painted cowes are a hype in Europe for a couple of years now. It brightens up dull places, days, moments..... ;)

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