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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Former Osprey Nest, July 2002

Osprey nest, Warrenton, OregonWarrenton, Oregon ~ July 21, 2002

Osprey nest, Warrenton, Oregon Lee first pointed out to me this osprey nest located a few minutes outside of Astoria, a short distance past the point where Highway 101 turns south to venture down the Oregon Coast. With luck we would see osprey each year, and I remember watching the parents bringing food for the chicks. The highway also crossed an elk trail and grazing field where the animals would gather in herds that numbered in the scores.

There is no more osprey nest now, and the elk-grazing here is finished. Instead, you can enjoy the parking lots and stocked shelves of several huge big-box stores with one more currently being built. The tree remains, but it's now so close to the new construction and cleared forest that the osprey have given it up. I still don't know why our small population "needs" such huge stores, or if they will sell enough products to stay open. I can imagine what their incursion is doing and will do to the small local businesses we say we care about and want to supprt. I also know I already miss the wild areas, the elk and the osprey that had learned to coexist with the narrower old highway and with us.

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Gayle said...

Yep - Just what Astoria and Warrenton need - big box appliance and/or electronics stores. Can you say good-bye Hunts? The difference is that locally owned businesses like Hunts have stuck in there for 50 years and Best Buy or whoever will be gone as soon as it proves unprofitable and after destroying the longstanding little guys! In a town where the population, and therefore consumer base, has been stablized at right about 10,000 folks for the last 40 years or so it all seems so senseless!

Clytie said...

I hate big box stores. I hate destruction of wildlife habitat. Boooo hisssss boooooo to them!!!

B SQUARED said...

Progress? Regress!

cieldequimper said...

Life with humans.

The other other volcano? Lol, our friend in Iceland of course!

VP said...

I like urban areas, I am not at ease in the wild, but I'm sorry for the ospreys and the elks.

Don and Krise said...

I don't understand them putting in the big-box stores in your area either, unless they know something that you don't. Maybe you're going to see a sudden population explosion there.

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