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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Where Houses Climb Hills

Houses and a garage on 11th Street, Astoria, Oregon February 7, 2010

Eleventh Street between Harrison and Grand is not one of the steepest hills in Astoria, but even here you can clearly see some of the concessions made to keep any structure reasonably level in this enchanting and unusual town on a hill. Streets like this are one reason it's never dull walking around Astoria. Not only do you need to watch your footing, but there's always something to look at along the way.

The white-paneled rectangle is the door to one of Astoria's typical small cement garages. Here you have to navigate a sometimes-tilted driveway as well as the abrupt turn into the narrow space. My car bears a few scrapes from my underestimation of that little dip that happens when you back out without thinking about the slope. Sometimes these garages crack and leak from the soggy earth on top. I love looking at them, though.

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Jacob said...

There are definitely some advantages and some disadvantages to living on such a steep slope! For one thing, I love hills which is one reason we moved from FLAT south Florida to the rolling hills of central Florida.

Another thing is that climbing all those hills can help keep one's weight down!

Great aerobic exercise.

Hope you're having fun! Say "Hi" to ol' whatsisface! :-)

B SQUARED said...

Looks like something I would want my neighbor to own but not me.

Clytie said...

At least you don't have to deal with a lot of ice on that hill! Now THAT would be scary!

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