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Friday, May 21, 2010

Growing Like A Weed

James cleaning up the yard at Paul's house in Alderbrook May 15, 2010

Have you noticed how fast everything is growing now? Flowers are flowering, bushes are bushing, the grass is as high as an elephant's eye, and the weeds are going crazy. Here James chops and prunes in the garden of a home in Alderbrook, the segment of Astoria at the far east end of town. It's a lot of work. If you'd like to call someone rather than do it yourself, you can call Cody Carpenter and his sidekick, James, at Timberland Lawn Care & Home Maintenance: (503) 440-2480. They have a whole list of services, and they give free estimates. Check 'em out.

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B SQUARED said...

I could use them down here.

Lee Spangler said...

great to work outdoors here especially when it's not raining which is almost never.

Clytie said...

If I tried to do any yard work today, I would need a canoe to get there. Yeesh! Will it ever stop?

cieldequimper said...

My Mum needs help in the garden, I wonder what their estimate would be! ;-)

I didn't know bushes bushed!

VP said...

I have seen a jungle of sort on my terrace... Tomorrow, if the weather is still good, if have to clean up some weeds in the vases.

Jacob said...

I can't tell you how nice it is not to have to worry about taking care of a yard and trees and bushes!

GreensboroDailyPhoto said...

Hey Tapir Girl. There you go! Another house, AND a person to keep the lawn manicured. Just perfect. Yes, this is a good year for flora and fauna for us too.

The "stormy weather" photo was so appropriate given we just lost Lena Horne.


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