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Friday, April 30, 2010

Railroad Crossing at Pier 11

Railroad Crossing at Pier 11, Astoria, Oregon April 24, 2010

The only railroad that crosses Pier 11's wooden pier these days is the Riverfront Trolley. I love the remnants of the industrial district here, although remnants is mostly what they are. On a typical day, you'll find tourists or locals out for a walk, bike ride, run, walking the dog(s), or wandering around with a camera.

We've been having a lot of this changeable weather lately: gray skies, blue skies, towering white clouds, pouring rain, and those in-between moments when the sun breaks through the clouds and lights up the land or water.

Notes from The (Weather) Underground for Portland: ...Record number of rainy days for April...A passing shower in the past two hours has now tipped April into the record books. In April 2010... Portland Airport has recorded 25 days with at least 0.01 inch of rain. The previous record was 24 days... set in 2003. Normally... Portland can expect 15 such days for April.

I don't know how the statistics look for Astoria, and we are on the coast and a distance from Portland, but I'd been thinking that April seemed extremely wet this year. One of my fellow bloggers in Florida says their dry season has been extremely wet, and now everyone is wondering what they're going to do with the water now that the wet season is at hand. At least here, it runs into the river and ocean. I'm not sure what the cumulative effect is.
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B SQUARED said...

Our weather has been strange, as well. We are at the tail end of our 'dry season.' I think it has been the wettest on record. All the "powers that be" are concerned with what to do with all the water as we head into the rainy season. Can't win.

cieldequimper said...

That's a wonderful sky.
Next time you go to a wedding, take me with you, I need to see that with my own eyes! ;-)

~Cheryl said...

Neat picture! I'd walk around there in a heartbeat. Love the bicycle warning sign!

Clytie said...

A wonderful place to hang out!

And the rain? Hmmmm global warming? :=}

Jacob said...

Excellent photo...those rain-filled clouds, the light on the RR Xing sign and the red tail light finishes it off perfectly.

I'm going to have to figure out a way to walk your waterfront one of these days!

Lee Spangler said...

In my heart I'm still looking for that long gone freight train. The sign is still there so maybe there is hope.

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