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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Sunburst Gables

Each older home in Astoria (and there are so many) has its own unique attributes. I always enjoy the sunburst gables on this nice Victorian on Jerome near 10th Street. (At least I think that's the location. I'll check it out unless someone catches me on it first. It's in that vicinity, anyway.)

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Naturedigital said...

Thank you again Sheryl for sharing the beauties of your town.
Have a nice day. Costas

cieldequimper said...

So nice but when you're inside on a rainy day, you can't see them! The neighbours benefit!

Sara Chapman in Seattle, USA said...

Love the sunbursts. I was thinking of you recently, posting a shot of Astoria from the column:

Mom of Three said...

When we were moving here five years ago, we looked at that house. It was up for sale for $129,000. We didn't buy it--it needed a new foundation. Good thing the people who did buy it did, because they have done a magnificent job on that house. I only wish the people who bought the one next door for over 200K a year later had done something besides removed the cute little cypress bushes from around the walkway.

VP said...

Such a colorful gables for a nice home, but quite greyish overall.

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