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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Spots of Light

Osburn-O'Brien Building, 14th and Commercial, Astoria, Oregon A few days ago, we were walking to meet someone for dinner, and I noticed spots of light playing on the side of the Osburn-O'Brien building at the corner of 14th and Commercial Streets. It was so cool, I had to stop and take a picture. However, we were running late due to something that had gone wrong with my accounting software, and my companion was saying, "Come on, we're late." I'm probably saying, "This will just take a second. Look at that light!" My question is, has that happened to you? Have you ever had the compulsion to take that one important photo despite running late? Or does someone ask you to wait while they take "just one more picture"?

Actually, I'm lucky. I can remember my mom wanting to pull over and take pictures on our vacations, and my dad was not interested in stopping. Lee and I both enjoy taking photos, and he's always willing to pull the car over, stop on our walks, or drive to someplace especially photogenic. However, this time we were late, and I was the compulsive with the camera. I expect the theme is universal. Have you been there?

Notes on buildings: The building on the corner was the scene for this post. The reflections are from the Astor Hotel across the street, and the building in the distance is this one, which used to be the food Co-op (moved to a new building), and has just become home of Deja Vu, a charity thrift shop. The link shows its old location, which I found to be especially nice to photograph, so I'm glad I took the pix while they were still at that address. (Or maybe Deja Vu has expanded? I'll check it out.)

A further note: For those of you who have been following Lee's Amizade Adventure, although the trip is over, the blog lives on. Check out its new incarnation.

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Jacob said...

Hmmm...methinks you're perfectly normal - for a photographer. The picture comes first, naturally. Other things can wait, but a photo opportunity cannot as it may only appear once.

Interesting shot, too. And I can see Lee standing ever so patiently! What a guy!


Clytie said...

Those spots of reflected light are very intriguing - I would have stopped, no matter how late I was!

My ex was one who did. not. stop. for. anything. He was a Point A, Point B, straight line in between kinda guy. Now that I'm on my own with the kids, we go where we want, and stop when we want to. Of course sometimes the kids are embarrassed, but they're learning to get over it!

B SQUARED said...

Happens all the time to me which is why my wife no longer goes with me if I carry my camera.

VP said...

I usually try not to be late at all, so it is easier to stop, watch and take pictures. But if something is early in the morning... no way!

cieldequimper said...

Yessssssssssss! Especially in times of mobile phones. "Hi, I'm sorry, I'm going to be a bit late, only a few minutes..."

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