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Friday, May 7, 2010

Red, Red, Red, White and Blue

April 30, 2010
Back of the U.S. Post Office

The rhododendrons are opening up all over town. They grow wonderfully here, and can be seen along the downtown streets and in peoples' yards along with azaleas, which also flourish. There are a lot of things I'm noticing this year because I'm taking photos and writing about them. Other people knew that the azaleas come out first, and the rhodies follow soon after, and I'm learning about it this year.

This big rhododendron bush marks the rear corner of the post office with a matching bush on the other side. On the left by the steps is a red azalea plant. To the left, but out of the photo are dark pink and also white ones. The really big rhododendrons - practically trees - are at the front corners of the post office, and I can't wait to see what they look like when the buds finally open. I'll let you know! As I said yesterday, I'm posting a few days in advance, so if the bushes are already blooming when you read this, please be patient for a few more days!

By the way, I've been waiting for an excuse to show this corner on 7th Street, because I like the yellow grille in the side of the building.

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Small City Scenes said...

Lovely!! I have seven Rhodies at the front part of my yard. They are later bloomers but a cpuple are just starting to crack color.
Rhododendrens are the state flower of Washington State. Some are native and grow wild in many parts of Western Wa.

B SQUARED said...

I really miss Spring.

Lee Spangler said...

It is the state flower forother states but Oregon for all its beauty has a dull uninteresting practically non flowering flower, the Oregon grape. Why is this? These rhodies make the gray austere P.O. look attractive.

tessa said...

I was once told the Oregon grape had medicinal properties that the native Americans used. Perhaps that is why it is the native flower. Easy to grow!:-)

Clytie said...

Beautiful rhodies, and I love that golden grill on the building too.

I am surprised at what Lee says about the Oregon Grape plant. He must not have seen them in bloom much. They have the most amazing and fragrant bright yellow blooms - and yes, medicinal properties as well.

Happy Mothers Day!

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