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Saturday, September 5, 2009

A taste of early Astoria: Inside the oldest dwelling in town (1852)

Astoria Historic Home - Oldest Dwelling in Astoria I like the one-photo-per-day idea, so I seriously debated which one to show. But one photo is not going to give the whole story (in fact 20 photos won't give the whole story). In any event, I decided that this was a rare opportunity to see and share some of Astoria's oldest man-made features and give a real flavor of an historic home. I took these on June 14, 2009, a dark and gloomy day very much like today, during the course of an estate sale. I did not get a picture of the kitchen, but you will get a feel for it from the materials used in the house. I believe the kitchen was white, and fairly roomy. There were people gathered there for the sale, and I didn't find a good angle. In hindsight, I think I should have taken one or two anyway. The first photo (above) is of the carport. The house is on the right, out of view. I showed the outside of this home two days ago. Enjoy the tour.

Back porch.

Etched glass around the front door (shown above and below).

Informal living room and/or dining area. The kitchen is straight back and to the left.

Such a typical Victorian ceiling!

I love the door knob.

This is only one narrow part of the basement.

I appreciate having had the opportunity to visit this venerable old house.


Jacob said...

'Tis a venerable old house, to be sure! And beautiful, too. But I don't think I'd want to live there...

It's kinda like my mother telling me, "Well, she might be beautiful, but...that doesn't mean you have to marry her."


sunnymama said...

Thanks for a fascinating tour of such an interesting house! :)

Don and Krise said...

I'll bet that house has some stories to tell. I absolutely love older houses. The one I grew up in was built in 1910, so I'm very familiar with the way they were built back then. They just have so much more character then the newer homes. Thank you for bending the rules and sharing all these shots Sheryl.

Lee Spangler said...

The photos show the flavor of the era.I love houses with newel posts and staircases. The beauty is in the detail.

Vogon Poet said...

Incredible set of photos, you did well posting them all, and I imagine there will be much more to be seen.

Amy said...

This house belonged to my grandparents, Paul & Wilma Williamson - although I hardly recognized the back porch with all of Grandma's craft stuff gone! Thank you for taking such great pictures!

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