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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Quiet and cold

I had to buy some plastic bags from an industrial supply store out by the port docks on the west end of town yesterday, so I took few minutes to wander around. It looks pleasant, because the sun was out, but I doubt the temperature was above 32 degrees. (Our cold streak is not over yet.) The tug in front is the Manfred Nystrom. Behind it is the Lady Washington. The bit of blue on the right side of the photo is the Oregon Responder, called an "oil skimmer," which is part of a network of ships used to clean up oil spills and is home-ported here at the docks in Astoria.


cieldequimper said...

I'l trade you 0° C and blue sky any time for what we've got here.
And... this is a tug ;-)) and there's the Lady Washington ;-)) so I like this one.
Now I even know what a responder is! ;-)

VP said...

A fine mix of ships, in what seems open sea... I know it isn't!
You guessed right, my new camera is another bridge: the Canon PowerShot SX20 IS.

Lowell said...

Very nicely done, Sheryl. Great colors. A bright and clear day if a bit cold. But you're used to that stuff.

It was 84 and sunny here today...very nice. Tonight the low is to be 66, which is not bad, but the high tomorrow is going to be 66 with rain all day.


B SQUARED said...

I hope those "oil skimmers' don't get much use.

Andreea said...

Looking at that glorious blue sky I would not have guessed that it's freezing.

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