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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Photo Contest: "An Astoria Icon Lost to Progress"

Astoria, Oregon ~ Early 2000s
Guest Photographer: Jean B
Port of Astoria Tower, near Port Docks

Jean wrote, "I took this pic shortly before they dismantled it, early 2000's. It was close to the West Marina in the vicinity of the new England Marine bldg. You can see the blue bldg where Papa jack's use to be."

Please check out the contest info linked above and send in those photos!

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Jacob said...

This is really cool. Great idea, Sheryl! It will be interesting to see what other "landmarks" have come and gone!

B SQUARED said...

They have removed almost all of our water towers. The skyline just isn't the same.

Birdman said...

There are still a few of these i my travel area.

Halcyon said...

That is so sad. I love water towers, I think they're such icons of American cities.

Francisca said...

More than plenty of water towers here! A big one - or two or three - in each village (subdivision) and a small one in each back yard! I agree they make a nice addition to a small town skyline. Nice that this one was captured for posterity.

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