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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Photo Contest: "Under the Bridge"

Astoria, Oregon ~ June 17, 2010
Guest Photographer: John Nordquist

This photo is eye-catching, and it's a vew of Astoria's bridge we don't see every day. For a breathtaking experience, a person should really go and stand under the bridge in real life. It feels so monumental and awesome, and it's impossible to get the full effect in any photo. If you do, come on back and post a comment, OK?  :) 

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Halcyon said...

This is a great view on the bridge. I like the composition and framing alot. Wish I could come up there and see the view for myself!

Kris Thomas said...

I knew this was yours when I saw it...I love what you see and how you capture the not-so-obvious. Nice pic John :)

Jacob said...

I like! Sometimes you've got to get down to get a new perspective! Very impressive.

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