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Friday, October 1, 2010

Inside the Captain's Plunder Trove

September 19, 2010

Captain Fishhead will tell you he painted all the walls himself. I have to say, I like his colors.

Hats hang overhead . . . and there's lots more. Yesterday I posted the outside of the store, and someone asked for a better description of the location. The address is 311 Marine Drive. If you're coming from the direction of Warrenton, it's just past the turn onto the Astoria-Megler Bridge and just on the west side of Uniontown. In this case, it will be on your right as you enter Astoria.

The jeweled lady has a story. I was too busy looking around me to hear it. She has tiled legs and garters.

An eclectic mix. (I hit the wrong key and typed "eclectic ox." That could also be correct.

One of Fishhead's namesakes. I asked where the tapestry came from, and the captain said he didn't know. He chooses pieces because he likes them. You probably will, too. I also asked what he called such a collection of stuff. It's not an antique store. It's hard to call it a "junk store," one of my old favorite terms, and it's not a thrift store. He said people seemed to like the word "plunder," so unless someone comes up with a better description, I think I'll refer to it as Captain Fishhead's Plunder Trove.

You can see the lion on the front porch on one of my other blogs.

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Halcyon said...

I think eclectic ox describes this place perfectly. Looks like a really fun place to pass some time. Although I find it difficult to imagine the jeweled lady taking up residence in my living room.

Francisca said...

These kinds of places that are a true reflection of the owner's colorful personality are so much fun.

Lee Spangler said...

The prices were reasonable too which makes it all the more fun.

Jacob said...

What a collection of stuffs! I could spend a few hours in there...and I think your description is apt and your photos are terrific and enticing.

Re your question on The Villages...the young lady in question was singing "country" - that's the most popular type of music in The Villages...

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