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Monday, October 4, 2010

Photo Contest: "Life, Beauty, Family, Love"

Astoria, Oregon
Guest Photographer: Kristen Thomas

Kristen wrote the following to go with her photo. I know that many of us can relate to this:

I hadn't seen or known the whereabouts of a friend for over 20 years. I was able to reconnect through a family member and found that he was residing in Astoria, Oregon. Shortly thereafter I was invited to come to Astoria for a celebration for his mother. I didn't hesitate a second, as my vacation time had already been scheduled for the same time as the party.

The picture is from the backyard of my host's home, capturing the immediate surroundings of "home" as well as the Columbia River in the background.

After staying a week and more than 200 pictures later, I have to ask my self...what does Astoria mean to me?

I chose this picture because it spoke of life, beauty, family and love.

The party was a celebration of "life," the "beauty" is in the amazing serene surroundings, the "family" is friends that never grow apart even after decades of separation and "love" is what I found for a few days in Astoria this spring.

Kris Thomas
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Unknown said...

What a fantastic spot! I had to enlarge this one.

VP said...

Not sure about the rest, but I agree with JM: and amazing place and a beautiful photo.

B SQUARED said...

Wonderful place. We all need a little "Astoria" in our life.

Halcyon said...

I am enjoying this series. What a nice backyard view!

Francisca said...

A sweet story and lovely view!

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