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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Photo Contest: "Boats"

Astoria, Oregon ~ March 27-28, 2008
Guest Photographer: Karl Erickson

Karl wrote, "This photo was taken during a bad weather spring break visit our family made on March 27-28, 2008. I might share a more cheerful photo, or two, later." It looks like Karl's photo shows West Mooring Basin and the bridge, and it seems to have been taken from upstairs in the Red Lion Inn.

Yes! I forgot to mention in my initial announcement of the photo contest, please feel free to send any number of images at any time throughout the month of October. See the page linked at the top of the blog for more contest details.

Karl said, "By the way, I'm trying to promote my children's book set in Astoria, which will be released next month. If you have any creative suggestions for your community, I'd be interested!" Anyone who has good suggestions for Karl, please follow the links below and let him know, OK? I looked at the illustration, and it seems like a charming book. Our Asoria Bridge is featured, and I'm waiting to see what else is inside the cover. 

Karl Erickson is the author of "Tristan's Travels" (coming fall/winter 2010), as well as a published essayist.

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Jack said...

Very nice. The gray tone adds mystery.

Lowell said...

I like grey, moody photos a lot - especially when they include boats and water.

About the contest...I, ah, don't have any Astoria photos. Darn. I guess I could send some boat photos from Florida and say they were taken in Astoria. Would the palm trees be a giveaway? ;-))

Randy said...

Beautiful photo!

VP said...

I always like taking pictures with kind of weather and obviously like the subject!

Lee Spangler said...

I wouldn't call it bad weather. I'd call it normal.

Anonymous said...

Its sad to see the absence of Astoria's once formidable fishing fleet that has been replaced by small plastic recreation vessels of the leisure class. This town has changed so much in the last 20 years and not for the better, I might add

tapirgal said...

Richard wrote several e-mails, and his comments are here:

"Only 20+ years ago there were only a couple sailboats! They were mostly fishing boats, the demise of the gillnet fleet has happened. This year there were more guide-boats from Washington,California, Idaho, and Oregon. And the price of salmon at the supermarket keeps climbing and climbing. Nice Photo."

I asked if I could use the comment, and he replied:

"Sure go ahead it would be nice to get the commercial fisherman's side of the story told. The state wants to limit the number of permits and cut down on the amount of Gill-net fisherman on the Columbia River. This year there were guide-boats from California ,Washington, Idaho, Oregon.

"But look at the amount of guide boats and the amount of fish taken. And some of the fish are sold to friends or anyone, they are now commercial fisherman! And they cannot get a permit to take salmon by hook and line on the Columbia River. They don't want to go out on the ocean and troll it's to dangerous to cross the bar."

a片 said...


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