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Friday, October 22, 2010

Photo Contest: "Silver Salmon Saloon"

Astoria, Oregon
Guest Photographer: Jean B

One of the fun things about Astoria is that there are quirky or just plain unique things on virtually every street corner (and between the corners, too). This is the side entrance to the Silver Salmon Grille. Maybe the sign says, "Silver Salmon Saloon" because this is the side of the restaurant where the bar is located. The "fine dining" area is on the other side. I believe that local artist Vern Wilson made the metal salmon with the chef's hat, but I don't know who painted the welcoming blue fish. Maybe someone will tell us.

Thanks for the photo, Jean. This is another scene I'd shot several times, but had never posted on "Astoria Daily."

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Halcyon said...

Funny! I like places like this.

Francisca said...

I too feel this is a very welcoming entrance, especially for a side door! Nice composition on this photo.

Joni said...

The style of that painted fish reminds me quite a bit of Don Nisbett...hmmmm

Jeff said...

I love hearing the nice comments. Thank you. The welcoming Blue Fish was painted by Peter Petersen. He painted all of the murals in the Silver Salmon Grille. He left the area 6 or 7 years ago. Jeff & Laurie

Jacob said...

I'm so glad you have this blog as I've learned so much about that area and about is a great place and I can see why you like it...

I, too, like quirky and unique. This is wonderful and I'm sure you're right about why it says "Saloon" on the side of the building.

Hope you doing well!

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