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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Photo Contest: "Kids at the Peter Iredale"

Warrenton, Oregon/Ft. Stevens State Park
Guest Photographer: Merri Padgett

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Lee Spangler said...

this is a really nice composition. what fun to be there!

Jacob said...

Looking at children enjoying life like this leaves me a little would be nice to be rid of so many adult problems and worries and be able to play without care.

Wonderful photo by Merri!

Yes, things are much better. Denise is home from the hospital and improving every day. I think she'll be able to go back to work tomorrow.

It seems her major post-surgery problem was that particular drug which just about drove her crazy!

Looking at the other comment, it seems friend Lee is up and about. Yeah!

Dina said...

What a great place for kids to play and imagine.

I've just been enjoying your post on the "Peacock" installation. Great!

Thanks for your encouragement to Lucy.

B SQUARED said...

Did they cause the damage?

The 3 Basenji Amigos said...

Yep, this is how I remember Peter Iredale.


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