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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A Strange Mausoleum

Shively Mausoleum in Pioneer Cemetery, Astoria, OregonAstoria, Oregon ~ June 10, 2010

I encountered this unusual-looking mausoleum at the edge of Pioneer Cemetery, scene of yesterday's post. It is the burial place, or at least the memorial for the Shively family (inscriptions given here). I don't mean any disrespect, but cemeteries can be odd and interesting places, and as I wandered I through, approaching from the back (last photo), I thought I had found the gardener's shed, except that the windows to the inside were in the form of crosses.

Shively Mausoleum in Pioneer Cemetery, Astoria, Oregon Embedded in the front are memorial plaques to members of the family. This one is on the left of the rusted iron door (which did not open).

Shively Mausoleum in Pioneer Cemetery, Astoria, Oregon This plaque was on the right.

Shively Mausoleum in Pioneer Cemetery, Astoria, Oregon Here are two of the three crosses above the door.

Shively Mausoleum in Pioneer Cemetery, Astoria, Oregon And a tombstone to the left buried in the roots of the tree and barely visible among the vines that cover the uneven ground. Perhaps it wasn't visible at all until volunteers from the high school cleaned the stones recently. Stephanie, who lives across the street, mentioned the cleanup.

Shively Mausoleum in Pioneer Cemetery, Astoria, Oregon This was my first glimpse. I had wandered across the hilly and uneven ground of the cemetery from one corner to the other. Most of the stones are flat or square, with the exception of a couple of taller monuments like the one for the Warren family. This is the only building. Except for the crosses, it could almost be a tool shed. It looks like it belongs in a Gothic novel.

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cieldequimper said...

I actually like it with its green roof.

TheFrogBag said...

Love this one! It looks sort of calming with its green leafy hat.

Clytie said...

I could see this being featured in a spooky movie or book ... I actually like it a lot!

Jacob said...

Utterly fascinating! What a great find. What do you think you would have found if you could have gotten inside? Lots of bones?

Francisca said...

The name is certainly not Pinoy, but here in the Philippines the cemeteries are full of tomb houses. On special holidays, like All Saint's Day, families go the cemetery and spend the day with their dearly departed - picnic, games, karaoke and all. Nice details; lovely greenery.

VP said...

The sort of green we see in this pictures is mazing. The place is strange, perfect for a novel.

B SQUARED said...

Cemeteries offer wonderful photo ops. Just make sure you stop by and don't check in.

Small City Scenes said...

I love tramping around in old cemetaries. great stuff to read about--wonderful inscriptions and great atmosphere. MB

Mom of Three said...

Thanks for reminding me. I need to take a Maglite with fresh batteries so I can peer into those cross-holes and see what's inside.

midnitemike2010 said...

In 1957, my Great-Uncle Bert Pohl was the Superintendent of Public Works for the city of Astoria. We went up to the cemetery because some kids had broken into the crypt. I wanted to look in, but as I was only 5 years old I had to sit in the car while Uncle Bert went up to investigate.

Cat Shively said...

@Mom of three - It's my family's mausoleum and I can tell you that there are caskets and bones inside which would be hard to see through the crosses as they are VERY far down. But it's pretty neat to see so take a peak!
@tapirgal - thanks for posting these lovely pics. Like I said this is a mausoleum for my family (Husband's 3rd great grand aunt and family) so it was nice to see someone take an interest in it.

Unknown said...

I know this post is almost 7 years old, but this mausoleum has been a source of interest for my wife and myself the last two years we have visited astoria. If you have time or even see this will you please email me at

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