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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Almost Mediterranean

Roof Garden, Elliott Hotel, Astoria, OregonThe other day I showed you a guest photo of the Astor Hotel taken from the Hotel Elliott, above. The Elliott has been completely refurbished during the past decade, and the rooms are elegant. It's too bad their web site doesn't show more, but you can see some nice photos with a Google image search. The Elliott is the brown and tan building with the roof garden. The building in front with the tile roof has businesses on this side and the Liberty Theatre on the other side. I see that I still need to post a good photo of the outside of the Liberty. The pink building on the left is this one, which I've decided is more Art Deco than Art Nouveau, although it has both flavors.

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Small City Scenes said...
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Don and Krise said...

Boy, it looks quite different than in that older photo. Very nice.

Clytie said...

I like the way the three buildings, which seem to have quite different styles ... actually go together in this shot.

I like the rooftop garden too! And is that a mural I see up there???

cieldequimper said...

Almost Mediterranean! It would take a different architectural style!
Same question as Clytie: is that a mural?

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