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Monday, June 7, 2010

Can you identify these mushrooms?

Orange mushrooms in Astoria, Oregon, June 2010Astoria, Oregon ~ June 5, 2010

They are small - only about an inch or two in diameter. I found them under the picnic table beneath the big tree in front of the Flavel House, where I sat for a minute after taking photos of the opening of the Oregon Film Museum in yesterday's post.

Orange mushrooms in Astoria, Oregon, June 2010 I was looking forward to getting back to the one-photo-per-day format, but I couldn't resist posting three pictures of these beautiful, bright, waxy-looking mushrooms.

Orange mushrooms in Astoria, Oregon, June 2010 I was completely surprised to see them when I looked at the ground. They were coming up in crowded clusters, but were only in the shaded areas under the picnic table. However, the slanted rays of the morning sun managed to find a few of them and make them glow even brighter.

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Small City Scenes said...

It looks like a Jack-o-lantern Mushroom. Maybe?

In response to your comment on my day4plus blog: My friend and I both thought the ship was the Lady Washington but I have been aboard the LW and thought her name was on the back and i can't see it. both the Lady Washington and the Hawaiian Chieftain were in port at Everett last weekend so they could be in Edmonds this week end also.


Small City Scenes said...

Omphalotus olivascens

Eric Swedberg said...

Ask Paxton Hoag, he's the local expert, and you can find him on Facebook.

Clytie said...

We have some very similar ones here - they seem to like to grow on bark dust or, in the case here, shredded trees.

They are so delicate and beautiful - I love the glowing shots!

VP said...

These are called galletti in Italian, they may be this: chanterelle, but I am no expert!

Halcyon said...

I think the same as VP, they look like chanterelle. But I wouldn't eat any wild mushrooms!!

Unknown said...

I saw the same ones in a mulch bed in Astoria. contrary to what a few said they are certainly NOT chanterelles.

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