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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Snow on Saddle Mountain

Saddle Mountain, seen from Warrenton
Warrenton, Oregon ~ April 10, 2010

You can see Saddle Mountain from various points on the south side of Astoria (the Young's Bay side) and from the area around Young's Bay in Warrenton, just across the bay from Astoria. I don't remember seeing snow on it like this before, at least not this late in the year. Or was I not paying attention?

I've hiked to the top a couple of times, and I wonder if I'll do it again this year. There's a very good walking trail most of the way, although it gets slippery near the top. If I go, of course I will share the photos!

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Clytie said...

A beautiful photo of Saddle Mountain. I don't think I've ever seen snow there - but then I only visit once every couple of years. I love the way you framed in the mountain with the trees.

Naturedigital said...

Its a beautiful photograph of those beautiful peaks Sheryl.
Thanks for sharing.

VP said...

I'm already tired, looking at your picture! Amazing mountain, but I am an urban explorer who knows his limit!

Lee Spangler said...

How about Laurel, Teagan,you and I trudging up there when the snow melts!

Jacob said...

You walked to the top? Really? Is it dangerous? Are their big drop-offs? I get the willies just thinking about it!

B SQUARED said...

It really does look like a saddle. Took me a minute to see it.

tessa said...

I have been enjoying your photos, we lived in Astoria many years ago and hope to get back to the area.
I know which parts are slippery! :-)

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