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Thursday, July 9, 2009

The old Englund Marine

The old Englund Marine building on the waterfront in Astoria, Oregon The dumpster and the dumpster-sized cardboard recycling bin have been taken away, and the business has moved out. They have a new, larger building at the west end of town near one of the marinas, which is fitting for a marine supply company. "The old Englund Marine" is a current landmark. In another post, I talked about how everyone gave directions in relation to the old (completely gone) Safeway store. Englund Marine is the same way. Just to the left, 15th Street feeds onto the River Walk, which here looks basically like a parking lot. I lease the downstairs of the building just peeking in at the left of the photo for Tapir and Friends Wildlife World Gift Shop (aka The Animal Store). You wouldn't believe how many times I've given the location as "15th Street and the River Walk," only have the person blank out on me. "You know where the old Englund Marine is?" I ask, and they come back to life. "Oh, yeah, you're the place next door to Englund's in the old radio station building?" "Yes, that's us." (Note the radio tower, which stands a few yards out in the river.) Currently the other side of Englund's is open water with some pilings and an interesting concrete platform that the seagulls enjoy. Another pic for another day. The river's edge is where the red parking barriers are, and the whole building and the area in front are built on pilings.

I actually took this photo last May when the grass was greener. It's amazing how a few clear days dried it right up. But it's been overcast, and now it's rained for a couple of days. The trolley tracks and the River Walk are again wet like you see in the photo. I wonder if the grass will revive.

There are big (and controversial) plans afoot for what will be built here in the next year or so. I've already lamented the impending loss of images like this one showing the side of the old structure ("A shimmering moment in time"). I'll let it go at that for now. I want to learn more about it before I start talking. These properties are not owned by individuals but are leased from the state for something like 99 years.


Lowell said...

Very interesting! I'd love to have a look at your shop...oh, I'll bet your have photos on your other blog, which I shall check!

Have a great day!

Lee Spangler said...

It was always a pleasure to go inside this old building and see a myriad of fishing and boating gear. Somehow in its new store and new location the romantic feeling of shopping there is gone.

Lilli & Nevada said...

Very interesting about the lease.

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