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Monday, July 13, 2009

Salty Dogs at Sunday Market

Despite early-morning thunder and rain, and threatening rain most of the day, the crowds turned out to enjoy Sunday Market. There's always live music, and yesterday it was Salty Dogs Jim Dwyer and Lorell (Koskela) Stoneman entertaining and uplifting spirits with classic rock and folk. I enjoyed their music so much as I wandered through the Wells Fargo Bank parking lot looking for "breakfast" and coffee (at 2:00 PM), that rather than enjoying a relaxing seat at the cafe, I got my stuff to go and came back to enjoy the music under threatening skies. The drive-through at the back of Wells Fargo shelters the musicians and their equipment each Sunday, but the shadows made it difficult to expose properly for both the band and their bright yellow sign. Around the edges of the sign, it says, "Live Music - Classic Rock & Roll." The band lives and plays locally, although Jim has has played in places such as Reno and Tahoe until a few years ago. They can be reached at: (503) 440-6406 or e-mail

Before I moved to Oregon, I read in a guidebook that if you wonder where all the hippies went, just come to Oregon. You will find them here both making and listening to several decades of fantastic music.

I lamented in a comment on someone's blog that we don't have much street music here. We don't. You rarely see anyone playing on the street itself. Sunday Market is a set venue. What I didn't mention is that Astoria seems to have a remarkable number of professional-quality musicians, or maybe I should say professional musicians who have opted for the amenities of this area over the big city. If you go to the galleries, coffee houses, and other local music events, you will be rewarded. There's more to come as I begin to spend some more time (I hope) away from the computer. Sunday I was so late getting out that after chatting with a few friends, I had to buy berries and veggies quickly, as the market starts shutting down at 3:00 pm.

This is my submission for Mellow Yellow Monday, and one reason I wanted the sign to come out better. To see more pix featuring yellow, follow this link! You can only see a tiny piece of the sign on the van that says, "Astoria Sunday Market." It's a bright yellow sign with pictures making up the A.


Lowell said...

Actually, your photo came out very well...and I would have loved to have been there to hear the musicians! It is nice, at least, to have a Sunday Market, something we lack!

Small City Scenes said...

I would like to listen to street musicians too--only there aren't any out here. I seem to hear music in my head--does that qualify?

Love your perching crow pic. I like to watch the antics of crows.

I came back--again. MB

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