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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Enjoying the moment

Behind the perching crow is the lovely brick pattern of the BPOE building at 11th and Exchange. I liked the colors and design, and the fact that I got the bird in focus. I also liked his attitude, appearing to me kind of laid back and curious. I'd like to take a cue from the bird in the laid-back-and-enjoying-the-moment department. Yes, I know that's anthropomorphizing, but that's what the image says to me, and I need to hear it. A long spell of hard work has come, not to a conclusion, but to a point where I can take more break time again. To me, this crow says it all. In the midst of the demands of the city, there's time to relax.

I believe that technically Astoria is a city (vs. town). Since we are not in the UK and don't need a cathedral to qualify as a city, that determination is probably based on the type of government we have. At 10,000 inhabitants, the atmosphere is often more like a small town. I enjoy this duality, the city-like buildings and the community feel. I've lived either in places that felt like cities or like towns, but this combination is new and pleasant.

We had glorious thunder and rain this morning. Rain is common, but big thunder and lightning storms are not. I stayed up so late working, that I wasn't in the mood to crawl out of bed and chase the weather with my camera. That's clearly a downside of my choice to work late, but I'm happy with my accomplishments. The work is not done, but some of the pressure is over. I'm planning to get up from the PC in a few minutes and enjoy what the day has to offer beyond these four walls despite overcast and drizzle - or maybe because of it, we'll see. The upcoming week promises terrific weather - partial sun and temps in the low 70s. I'm convinced that there are pix to be had in any weather, but clearly it will be optimum camera time again. Happy day, everyone!


Jennie said...

Loved the rolling thunder! It lasted forever and just made me dig deeper under the covers! I hear there was a lightning dislpay as well but much like you I was up late and in no mood to explore :)

tapirgal said...

I saw some flashes through the blinds, and then was back in dreamland :) Loved the sounds!

Jacob said...

We don't particularly like the sound of thunder because it means myriads of lightning fact one hit our gutter the other night when Lois and I were sitting on the deck...very scary...

But I like your shot of the is very much in focus and shiny black!

James said...

I just saw a crow next to my door yesterday. The first one I've seen since I moved to Pennsylvania.
I should have taken a picture picture. I really like this picture both the crow on the pole and the building in the background.
Thunderstorms are great too.
Have a great week!

Don and Krise said...

Glad to hear you're getting caught up. The thunder woke us up this morning. It was booming pretty good around here. Hope you had a good weekend.

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