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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Where's Hitchcock when you need him?

Art Deco building at 12th and Marine or 12th and the River Walk, Astoria, Oregon This building sits at the corner of 12th Street and the River Walk. It also sits at the corner of 12th and Marine Drive. It's a very short block, as the streets adjust to the curve of the river. I took this photo on July 18th, and sun's glow had grown even deeper in color than when I had snapped the photo of the Art Deco building in this post. The style above looks a little bit Art Deco, although it doesn't have the dramatic elements I've learned to look for. David Thompson, of the wonderful blog, Art Deco Buildings, suggested that it could possibly be a transition style between Victorian and Deco. I'll put it on my list for my next visit to the Heritage Museum, and I'll look more closely for clues when I see the building again.

The only train running past this signal any more is the Riverfront Trolley, and it runs slowly while the drivers give their talk about the sights and watch carefully for visitors and locals ambling along absorbed by the scenery.

The inside of the building has been refurbished in the last few years for office suites, while a medical supply company and a bead store take up much of the ground floor.


VP said...

Just found your blog full of wonderful images. The colors of this one are fantastic aginst a terse sky.

Small City Scenes said...

What a great golden glow on an equally great old building. Neat shadow. MB

Lowell said...

Interesting shadows...lovely light...great shot, Tapirgirl!

Don and Krise said...

I agree, very nice building, colors and all. Very nice photo, and yes, I caught your title. ;-}

Lee Spangler said...

Tapirgal: What a great shadow. You sure have the eye to find cool pictures!

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