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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The water sounds good!

Astoria Scuba and Kayak on Pier 39, Astoria, Oregon One way to beat the heat on a day like today - one of the few really warm days we have all year - is to get into a cold river. You can do that here on Pier 39 via kayak or scuba diving, although some people have been going in over the side of the back dock at Coffee Girl. (Scroll down on their page if you need to.) Astoria Scuba & Kayak occupies one corner of the old Pier 39 cannery building. You approach via a wooden pier, and the building is already out in the water where you get any breeze there happens to be on a day like today, and you get a fabulous view, too. The building is quaint, funky, intriguing as a treasure hunt, and once again useful, with offices, a brew pub, Coffee Girl coffee house with the most amazing vew and deck, the scuba/kayak company and a number of offices. There's also a small museum with photos of the cannery's history, and some of the old boats used in the fishing industry, and nice people. It's just a great place to go - one of my favorite places in town. I'll have more pix coming up as the days go by.

Pier 39 has appeared in two posts already - this picture from the water side of the building, and this one taken inside Coffee Girl.

Happy Ruby Tuesday. Click the link for more pictures of red from around the world.


VP said...

What a post: I spent some times catching up with your links and the links of the other two posts. Now I know a bit more of kayak rental, Coffee Girls, grand-tapirs and crab boats. I obviously begin to love Pier 39 and your photo of Scuba & Kayak is really nice.
I own a TV but never watch it live, I use it carefully for DVD only.

cieldequimper said...

Sounds like so much fun! Your colourful photo with the gorgeous blue sky is a real invitation and your caption is a treat!

amanda said...

I wish I was here, beautiful blue skies great vivid colors. Lovely shot Sheryl!

Lowell said...

I thought I'd seen this building before but I wasn't going to be so dumb as to ask and if wrong be thought dumb.

Does that make sense?

Anyway, I can understand the's got so many interesting items...and the view is fantastic...

How hot was it?

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

At Pier 39
there are funky things to do—
come with me, won’t you?

My Ruby Tuesday

Lee Spangler said...

I'm sure I am not ready to kayak in the Columbia, are you? One must pick adventures carefully! I love the colors and arrangement of the kayaks. Good job as always.

Don and Krise said...

Today I'd jump in that water in a heartbeat. I think next time we're down that way we may have to get a coffee there.

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