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Saturday, September 18, 2010

"The Pig"

These are not what you'd call artistic photos, but many people will recognized the much-loved (or not) Pig'N Pancake, sometimes referred to as "The Pig." I'm not sure how I got so far into this blog without showing a photo of it. Many people enjoy the no-nonsense, affordable pancake-and-other breakfast dishes you can get here all day long and much of the night, and I've been here plenty of times myself. What I also like, though, is that a very entertaining (and good) local rock band came up with a variation on the theme and called themseves "Pagan Pancakes." They're definitely worth a listen. In person is best.

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Gayle said...

Our take off on the name, as teenagers, was "The Hog and Waffle." Yeah, it's pretty much been there forever, but Andrew and Steve's has been around even longer!

Halcyon said...

We don't have this in my area. I wouldn't mind a pancake about now though!

Teuvo Vehkalahti said...

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Mariewin said...

Every time my family comes to Astoria (we're from Maryland, but my grandparents lived in Astoria) since my grandparents died, we would stay at the Lamplighter Inn (time to upgrade!) and eat our meals at the Pig. Thanks for posting this - we need to get back to Astoria soon!!

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