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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Details of the Lamp Post

Lamp Post at the Post Office September 1, 2010

Several of you asked questions about the lamp post in front of the post office after yesterday's photo showed lines and shadows of the base. I found the parts more interesting than the sum, and I never took a photo showing the whole post. There is a lamp post on either side of the steps leading to the front doors, and the photos include both lamps.

Lamp Post at the Post Office It's not too clear, but the lamps are placed on a cement footing above ground level on either side of the staircase. The fencing in the foreground is the railing along the handicapped ramp.

Lamp Post at the Post Office . . . So, there you have it :) When I first looked at the three-legged base the other day, it reminded me of the triskelion seen everywhere in Sicily. The link will show some of the ways a triskelion is used, but when seen anthropomorphized as running legs (which is how we saw it so often in Sicily), it looks very strange.

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Jacob said...

I like the base and I like the lamps. The base, though, reminds me of a kneeling Japanese Sumo wrestler!

VP said...

We still have some old lamp posts in “Piazza della Repubblica” with almost the same three-legged base and some more recent ones “Piazza della Vittoria” (the ones replaced by the Low-Cost Lamp Posts).

Birdman said...

Love the posts. Give such an old feel.

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