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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

One of Its Last Trips

Pilot Boat Peacock March 1, 2010

The pilot boat Peacock will be taking up residence at the Maritime Museum after a career of about 32 years crossing the Columbia Bar. I've usually see it docked in East Mooring Basin, but on March 1 it was travelling down the Columbia. Here is a quote from The Daily Astorian. If the link works for you (if it doesn't, try Google with appropriate search words) there is more info in the article. Here's a summarizing sentence: "The 89-foot, self-righting vessel has been mothballed for the last 10 years after serving the Columbia River shipping industry from 1967 to 1999." The small boat next to the Peacock is the Lee H, a small tugboat.

Below are a few more links about the Peacock and the Chinook, the boat that replaced it.

. Peacock
. Peacock
. Chinook (pix and cool video)
. Chinook on this blog

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Birdman said...

Quite a river, that Columbia! My sis has a place in Hood River that we visit a lot. Cool river. I was there in Feb. once, and there was quite a snowstorm and the river disappeared in a whiteout.

VP said...

A museum is always better than a scrapyard! I wonder how you can have a tug smaller than a pilot boat. Here it is the other way around, usually.

Francisca said...

hah! VP said exactly what I was going to say... That's a treasure.

Unknown said...

Cute boat! Mission accomplished.

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