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Friday, September 10, 2010

Batteries Included

Riverfront Trolley, Astoria, OregonJuly 24, 2010

I think it was Jacob who asked how the trolley was powered since there are no overhead wires. The trolley carries its power supply beind it, although I couldn't tell you how it works. Electrical? I took this photo on the River Walk between 15th and 16th Streets. I also took it on one of those days when the sun was out. There is nothing outside my window at the moment to distinguish the day from any day during winter.

September 11: Dave made a comment on this blog's Facebook page and described the trolley's power source: "The trolley has a diesel powered motor that operates an electric generator mounted in the trailer. The trolley has electric motors mounted on its axles. They have an electrical cord that goes between the two. Originally the trolley took power from an overhead wire, and that's what the poles on the roof are for. Long ago Astoria used to have a trolley that ran from the Astor Court Store area, near Gray School, to Alderbrook. You can see the rails still in the streets if you know where to look."

Thanks, Dave!

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Francisca said...

There really is something very charming about trolleys, isn't there.

VP said...

Sometimes they take the power from below, like the subway, but I'm not sure.

JM said...

Never heard of these before! Why aren't all like that?...

Steffe said...

Cool way to travel around town.

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