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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Floating Ziggurat

September 28, 2010

When I saw this cruise ship in the Port Docks, I wound my way up onto Alameda Drive to see if I could get a good angle. It's docked in exactly the same location as the dredge Essayons in this recent photo, but the cruise ship is much larger.

Zoom-in of the dock. The ship's name is Oosterdam. The Essayons was so much smaller that I was able to take the bow-end photo from approximately the left-hand side of this photo or a little out of the picture on that end.

Here you can see part of the Astoria-Megler Bridge. The red-roofed building is the Harbormaster's Office (and rental space), and a few masts in West Mooring Basin can be seen on the right. I took this photo from across West Mooring basin looking back at the building across the water.

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Tracy said...

Lovely pictures, that is a big ship!

BlossomFlowerGirl said...

With five floors of windows - or should I say decks, it's a floating hotel. What I wouldn't give to be able to afford an ocean cruise.
To answer your question, I live in Melbourne, although a nomadic life would be a wonderful life - at least for a few years. Think of all the exciting places and people you'd get to meet.☺

VP said...

Looking at them almost every day I am not so keen on cruise ships. I would feel trapped with thousands of noisy strangers, but I admit that this is a quite comfortable way to travel around the world.

Jacob said...

So funny...I can just see you winding your way around the streets to find a good view of this behemoth!

It is HUGE! I've not been on one of these, and probably will pass on without being on one...but some people really enjoy them.

And you did get some good shots so your meandering ways was worthwhile!

B SQUARED said...

They are always incredible to see in person.

Francisca said...

That's not just a hotel on water, it's a city! Aack! I have no desire to cruise. What I WOULD like to do one day is take a small expedition ship to one of the poles.

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