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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Almost Tropical

September 28, 2010

I hate to complain about the muggy, tropical humidity here this week when Southern California is experiencing temperatures of 113 in Los Angeles and 115 in Corona, where I grew up. The last week in September can often be a scorcher in Southern California, although I don't remember minding it much when I was younger and more resilient. It was only 90 degrees yesterday in Palisade, Colorado, which is where I lived for eight years after California and before moving to Oregon.

With rains, fog, and some incredibly beautiful blue skies alternating throughout the days here, I'm happy to be in Astoria. Yesterday on my drive across the bridge from Warrenton, I wished I could have gotten a photo of the wisps of marine fog in front of the bridge and the Astoria hillside. This morning the clouds are forming pretty shapes against the hills of Washington, and you can see the ghost of a layer over the river.

The boat is the tender boat, Triumph II. Someone once told me the Triumph brings pizza to the big ships in the river. I imagine it's possible they could carry pizza now and then, but according to this link their main job is transporting Homeland Security people.

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Steffe said...

That is 45C and that is a bit too warm. I have experienced heat like that on a few visits to Greece and I found it very hard to just walk down the street. Stay cool if you can.

Jacob said...

What makes this such an effective photo are the splashes of color here and there against the overall's really very well done!

Our weather is moderating so we're the mid to high 80s during the day and between 68-70 at night. Light breezes. Some afternoon thunderstorms. Lovely!

B SQUARED said...

I second Jacobs comments!

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