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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

What Remains

Jo Brown's Mural These charming sisters (see Midnight Mike's comment to this post for details) painted by Jo Brown remain on the door at the TLC Federal Credit Union, 85 W. Marine Drive, next door to the Mini Mart.

Jo Brown's Mural Here you can see them in situ, peering incongruously out of the sterile modern doorway. (The "badge" is actually part of the door.)

The blank wall of the TLC Credit Union This bare wall on the west side of the building has replaced the creative and historically/culturally-interesting mural, also by Jo Brown, that used to be here. If you follow the link, you can see more than half of the mural, and you can use the teller window as a reference point. Unfortunately I didn't get photos of the whole thing before it was eradicated, but it stretched the length of the building. Was new siding really more important that preserving this pleasing bit of Astoriana?

On the right side of photo, you can see how the houses climb up the hill above Bond Street. There was a landslide here four years ago, and one of these days I'll show you what it looks like. I lived half a block away at the time.

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Naturedigital said...

Good Morning Sheryl..
Its a lovely couple.. and they are positioned perfectly to watch the people on the street.. awaiting for the rain to stop..
Have a nice day..

Julie said...

great and powerful mural. nice capture

cieldequimper said...

I love this one and am still sad that the other one is gone. It looks so bland now.

midnitemike2010 said...

I remember those two sisters from when I worked at Romsos Sheet Metal (where the Liquor Store is now) from 1965-70 and the old Hauke's Market from 1970-72. They would walk from Uppertown to the building behind Builder's Supply and oil up the old equipment in their dad's shop. He had died years before and they kept the equipment in good shape, it's like a step in to the past when you go in there, everything is just like it was 60-75 years ago. They always had on those hats that tied underneath, and wore long duster type coats. I really dislike it when people get rid of the past, like that mural, typical corporate thinking or should I say unthinking!

Jacob said...

I like this painting...and I can picture the sisters walking about town covered up in a manner I would expect considering that Astoria seems a bit rainy!

Lee Spangler said...

Medora Swanson and her sister whose name I dont remember. One played cello I think. Never married walked together everywhere. Father owned a blacksmith shop. the rest is too far back and i draw a blank

Elleda said...

I was beyond disgusted when Jo's mural was eradicated. It was just a vile thing to do. I hope someone documented it in detail.

Unseen Rajasthan said...

Beautiful capture !! I loved the shot s!!

VP said...

It is so sad the other is gone, this trompe-l'œil is nice but the mural was another story. Literally!

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