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Monday, March 22, 2010

A Tug Going Backward

Tugboat Howard Olsen on the Columbia River at Astoria Only yesterday I commented on VP's Livorno Daily Photo (beautiful tug pix, take a look) that I hadn't noticed whether the tugs in our river travel backward except to get out of a dock. A few hours later, I looked at the river and noticed the Foss tug Howard Olsen going backwards. It was somewhat near the edge of the river, but it was not backing out of a dock at this point anyway.

Tugboat Howard Olsen on the Columbia River at Astoria The Howard Olsen turned before my eyes, and went (forward) along its way.

It's interesting to see how this tug differs from the tugs in the harbor at Livorno. The Livornese tug does not have tires attached to its side, for one thing. It seems to have rubber gunwales, maybe?

This post is also for Cieldequimper, who loves tugboats.

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cieldequimper said...

You do indeed have a tug! ;-) I got some nice photos of the Crowley operating in Puget Sound, I'll post them sometime, I have so many photos... ;-)

VP said...

This is a beautiful tug, but I think it was built in 1975 so it is probably much different in the way she turns.
I have seen our 30 year younger boats turning literally on a dime, with no effort.
If you have seen the video you can see that they do much more than pulling the ships.
Great post and thank for the link!

kyungmee said...

Nice son will like this post!

GreensboroDailyPhoto said...

Great posts lately. Especially liked the one about the post office. Thank you for returning to my blog and not "shooting" the photographer over the scripture on the sign in the man's front yard!!! That was our first controversy since starting the blog!


Don and Krise said...

I think it's neat how each tug seems to have a personality of it's own. A slightly different look. All those tires are for getting up close and personal.

Unseen Rajasthan said...

I have never seen such boats here in India !! I Wish to travel them someday !!

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