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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Curved Fence

House with Curved Fence, Grand Avenue, Astoria, Oregon I thought the curved fence at this home at 7th Street and Grand Avenue was both ingenius and charming. New blossoms and the relatively warm spring day made me feel almost as if I were in the countryside about a century or so ago.

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cieldequimper said...

And were you wearing a long dress? ;-) Lovely, quaint little house.

Re Le Zimmer: I don't know the answer. "Le" in French is masculine whereas the German room would be neutral "DAS" Zimmer. Evidently and to complicate things, in French it's feminine "la" chambre... ;-)

Then again, it could just be an Franco-Alsatian deformation...

Jacob said...

I love it! You don't see these around very ain't easy to make a curved fence! Could use a bit of paint, though! Lovely photo of a quaint dwelling!

VP said...

My first curved fence, I wonder if it can spring out lashing at passers by!

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