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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Pallets, Crab Traps, Tracks along the River Walk

Pallets, Crab Traps, and Tracks along the River Walk, Astoria, Oregon Yesterday I had lunch with Laurel at the Lazy Spoon and walked back to work along the River Walk just ahead of another downpour. The metal cages are crab traps. More on all these interesting bits of life on the river and sea in upcoming posts. I don't know what I was doing last year, but I didn't post as much about life on a working waterfront as I intended to. I guess that's why the seasons keep coming back. Let's see how I do this year :) The big yellow building is Bornstein's; I showed one of its signs early in this blog. The tracks are where the trolley runs.

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VP said...

You have to write something more about these crab traps.

Jacob said...

It's a great picture of a working city that is not just a tourist stop.

We used to eat at the Silver Spoon in Naples, Florida...but we're too lazy to go back... ;-) That's a pun. I think. Oh well...

Don and Krise said...

I like how the River Walk curves through the photo. The pallets and crab pots just give it that industrial feel. Great photo Sheryl.

Naturedigital said...

Beautifully done again Sheryl..
Have a nice day..

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