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Friday, February 5, 2010

Driftwood in February

Fort Stevens State Park, Warrenton, Oregon ~
February 3, 2006

If you like driftwood, you'll find it in winter on the Oregon beaches. Brought in by the storms, it accumulates along the dunes that separate the beach from the forest and grasslands. The park is large and varied, incorporating ocean, forest, bike trails, lakes, and old miltary bunkers, and it's all about 8 miles west of Astoria.

I took the photo standing a few yards from one of our favorite sites, the wreck of the Peter Iredale. It's such a picturesque and interesting spot (and easy to get to) that I've already used it three times on this blog: sunset, bones of the ship (one of my favorite photos on the blog), and sunset with ship's bones. These photos are taken just a couple of miles south of the jetty series at the mouth of the Columbia River. Fort Stevens also holds this military cemetery. A person could do an entire City Daily Photo blog on Fort Stevens and never run out of material. Don't get me started, I'll end up like Jacob.

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B SQUARED said...

I love driftwood. We don't get much of it here. Each piece is so unique.

GreensboroDailyPhoto said...

As a child, I collected driftwood. What a blast from my past!


Paco Merlo Ansin said...

Hola! Si has perdido tu paraguas quizás lo encuentres en mi blog. Si coges otro no pasará nada, si no lo necesitas o no te gusta ninguno puedes llevarte de recuerdo alguna de mis fotos para tu blog o para lo que quieras, me sentiré muy halagado.
Ansin soy yo!

cieldequimper said...

Oh yes! That's for me! I'd make allsorts of things with tiny bits of the wood!

Lee Spangler said...

I've seen it thrown around like toothpicks. Have we seen the water higher there?!!!

Jacob said...

How'd I miss this? Lovely photo. Are people allowed to take the driftwood home?

VP said...

Not much driftwood here and it's a pity because it is usually interesting.

magicpolaroid said...

I love driftwood. We get much of it here in east coast of italy, usually begin of spring we clean part of beach front house!
nice blog!
ciao, Luis

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