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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The house at 12th and Grand

Italianate Victorian House in Astoria, Oregon Maybe it's no surprise that this harmonious and balanced house on the corner with its unusual, but very pleasing colors is one of my favorite buildings in all of Astoria.

Italianate Victorian House in Astoria, Oregon The face of the house is on 12th Street; let's turn the corner onto Grand.

Italianate Victorian House in Astoria, Oregon
Italianate Victorian House in Astoria, Oregon Across the street from this house is one of the strangest streets in a town of unique streets. You can see it in this earlier post.

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Small City Scenes said...

Funny how we think that 100+ year old houses must be white because that is how we see them in old photographs. Most older houses being restored and remodeled have to follow the orginal colors. We have many pink with dark trim and light green houses here. I like this house. MB

Jacob said...

That would be one of my favorite houses, too. A grand old lady with great dignity and charm. I do like the colors. And I saw some stained glass windows, also, on the second floor!

Nice photos!

Don and Krise said...

I remember that earlier post very well. I've said before, older homes have so much more character than the newer "boxes". What fun it would be to walk through this house with a camera.

Francisca said...

Now THIS is the RIGHT green. ;-)

Jacob said...

Hi Sheryl...just got your funny. I'd be excited, too. And I do things like you did even when I'm not excited!

Hope you have a wonderful trip! See "Hi" to Lee.

B SQUARED said...

I love the stained glass. I would sure hate to have to paint it.

VP said...

An uncommon color for an unusual and lovely house.

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