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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Bach 'n Rock: The Store I Want to Love but Can't

This music store at the corner of 12th Street and Duane is a place I really wanted to love. I don't like being negative on this blog, but here we go. After four or five bad experiences with the store and none very positive, I stopped going in. Of course, I wanted to like it. The store is filled with wonderful music and a totally hippie atmosphere that those of us who came of age in the '60s would appreciate, and '60s wannabes would surely adopt. It's like a music-lover's version of the new-and-used bookstore where you can lose yourself in time browsing the shelves and come out with a gem. However, after standing around being ignored while people who came in after me were waited on, being spoken to in a non-friendly manner, and generally dissed, I gave up. I don't think it's me. I usually find local business people to be extremely personable, friendly, and helpful. We'll see many of their stores as the blog continues - but Bach 'n Rock is a fixture and an attraction for any number of reasons, including the garden that keeps expanding onto the sidewalk around it. I wanted to include it in this blog.

If the owners catch wind of this post and recognize me, they will either be nicer the next time I go in, or they'll be worse, which is hardly possible within the description of customer service. As I said, I really wanted to like this place. Maybe someday I'll have a reason to change my mind. I hope so.

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TheFrogBag said...

Aw, too bad! I hate it when a store I want to love doesn't love me back. It looks really cool too. You'd think that a music store would have to do everything in its power to stay afloat right now. We only have one left within easy driving distance, and we're in Los Angeles! The other ones have all gone out of business.

Anonymous said...

I have not had good experiences in there, either. I don't understand why anyone would be in retail who doesn't seem to like people.

cieldequimper said...

Sorry for your bad experience. I've lost count of the shops where you get treated like that.

Auntie said...

Its not YOU ! It's me and everyone I know that don't go there anymore because of the service. The man that works in there acts like its a HUGE imposition if you want to look at something from behind the locked cases and then stands there impatiently breathing just inches behind you while you deliberate on whether you want to purchase said item and further more, while you ponder why the hell you came in there in the first place.

Oh, that felt good. Haven't had a good ranting opportunity in a LONG time.

Jacob said...

Yikes! What the heck's the matter with those people? They ought to be able to tell a good customer when they see one. And it does look like the kind of place I would like.

Maybe you ought to speak up and ask them why they treated you so rudely?

Nice to have you back, Sheryl!

Elleda said...

Jeez, I only had one bad experience there (no, I never went back, and that was 4 years ago). I can't even begin to remember how many other people have told me they had the same sort of experience, but much worse.

What I always hear about (and remember) is the inexplicable rudeness of the man (I hesitate to use the word gentleman) who seems to run the place.

Guess whoever owns it doesn't give a rat's ass if they have any business or not. Too bad. A potentially good store is being ruined by utter indifference and incredibly poor management.

VP said...

You were even too patient with these guys, I hate this kind of attitude.

kyungmee said...

I know your feeling! We had a terrible experience with a restaurant and will never go back and told others of it because of how aweful and rude the owner and his manager was after they had made a terrible mistake on our bill and would not take it off! But we loved their shame!

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